Why You Need Tools In Configuration Management

Organizations today have handful of computers, desktops, servers and other network devices. Staff and employees even jump from one computer to another just to install software devices or simply resolve other users need. This task is not that complicated unless you have thousands of servers and computers in one office. And installing a single security patch on them can actually take you days to complete it.

Administering to a large work environment needs you to be able to manage and control your systems effectively, without hoping from one desktop to another. Configuration Management tools such as software helps you get a hold of your rambling system. IntelliMirror controls different Group Policy functions manage and organize servers and desktops. Group policy gives you opportunity to configure a wide selection of changes to your servers and computers. You can place security settings, carry out distribution of software and control the settings on your desktop computer. This also includes the fundamental operation facilities of the computer. This tool in configuration management is free and works great. But if you have a large organization, then you night need extra features. This tool actually needs a centralized facility form reporting. It also lacks the capability to schedule installations in software and centralized data storage area which most of the huge organizations requires doing so. If you are looking for a tool for configuration management, then you should start searching in the internet or use Buyers Guide to evaluate products and decide what features you need in your organization. to be able to report and inquire to your systems is a must capability that software and tools should give you. Remember to do your homework and look for the right tools with the right features that will assist your organization in configuration management.

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