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Wikipedia is one of the frequently visited sites in the internet today. It provides answers to almost any question that you can think of, be it in the field of science and technology, mathematics, entertainment, politics and the arts. It is like a main library of facts, figures and fiction that can satisfy any curious mind. If there is a topic or subject that readers want to be posted on the site, all they got to do is to post it by clicking the link provided on the Wikipedia Help Desk site and a group of volunteers will help in finding an answer. Wikipedia is still in the process of development and feedback coming from its users will definitely aid in making it the primary source of information on the World Wide Web.

To reach the Wikipedia Help Desk page, just type in the words “wikipedia help desk” on the Search field seen on the main page and results will be generated in a flash. Click on the “Wikipedia Help Desk” link on you will be taken to its help desk site. The Wikipedia Reference Desk, on the other hand, functions like the Wikipedia Help Desk. It acts like a library reference desk, wherein it helps users go to the topic that they wish to locate. Before a request is made to feature a topic or subject that users want to be posted on Wikipedia, the reference site encourage them to type in the topic on the Search box first or click on a specific category where the subject most likely belong to. The help site is indeed user-friendly and easy-to-use; it could be even better than talking to a live person.

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