WiMax – Setting a New Standard in Wireless Technology

Tagged as “Wifi on steroids”, WiMax is indeed considered as the next level of wireless internet technology. It is currently being adopted in a lot of industries around the world such as Intel, developing the necessary hardware and software systems to make it run. Though it is not a mobile phone standard, companies like Nokia and Samsung are also integrating WiMax to the new generation of mobile phone technology, incorporating multiple features to cell phones and PDAs to make such handheld devices even more useful. Absolutely there is no way that WiMax can be stopped to dominate today’s wireless technology.

WiMax stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access and is a standard-based technology that offers high-speed internet wireless internet connections over long distances. It is set to complement or replace 3G technology on mobile devices as it is also powered by “always on” internet access, but operates at faster speeds with greater coverage. WiFi is the common choice for hot spots such as coffee houses and fast food restaurants where a group of internet users can log in. Now that WiMax is available, a lot of hot spots have made the switch because without a doubt, data rates of up to 70 Mbps can be achieved.

With the added wireless convenience and faster transfer rates, WiMax can also be expected to be cheaper. This will definitely give WiMax subscribers a lot of reason to stay and enjoy the service, thus leading to an increase in both customer satisfaction and retention. Return on investment will be greater as higher profits await companies that offer WiMax to the public. Without a doubt, WiMax is the new standard in wireless technology.

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