WiMAX and its Advantages

WiMAX is a telecommunications technology specifically for the wireless transfer of data in various ways. WiMAX is based on IEEE 80.16 standard or WirelessMAN and was created to provide a standards-based technology that would enable the delivery of connectivity from the communications provider to the customer through wireless broadband access.  WiMAX is considered to be an alternative to cable and DSL.

Why use WiMAX?

There are many obvious reasons why WiMAX should be preferred over other telecommunications technology today and in the future.

WiMAX has a long range of up to 30 miles, which is enough to cover one city. It is low cost because a base station only needs under $20,000 to be able to provide clients with T1-class connections. Moreover, infrastructure is cheaper while there is no need to use expensive cables. There is no need to rip down streets or buildings to lay down the cables for businesses or houses.

WiMAX has also the added advantage of having a high bandwidth.  It can provide shared date rates of up to 70 Mb/s, which is enough bandwidth for more than 60 businesses with TI type connectivity and over a thousand residential houses.

Fifth, users can have two options when using WiMAX. The first option is the non line-of-sight and the second option is the line-of-sight. The first operates between 2 to 11 GHz and is compatible with existing Wi-Fi technologies. It can be connected on a small antenna on a computer to the tower. The second can operate as high as 66GHz because the signal is much better and stable.

Although WiMAX is expanding, there are still drawbacks in terms of companies who are hesitant to use this technology and the pricey chips due to its low demand at the moment.

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