WiMax Antenna – Optimizing Total Internet Performance

Antennae are designed to enhance performance for a given application. It is being used to accept signals from radio stations and television networks to reach household appliances. It is also being used to command a remote controlled car. Mobile phones also transmit and receive data through antennae. Indeed, antennae play a very important role in data and signal transmission. This is the reason why it is also being used by WiMax technology to make it possible to bring internet access to the next level.

WiMax is a new Internet connection standard where users can get to have the best online experience at a very reasonable price. Internet Service Providers nowadays are getting into the WiMax hype, while strengthening their scope and coverage to remain standing in the competition. To be able to accomplish this, there is a need to setup WiMax antennae towards a successful WiMax deployment.

There are three types of WiMax antennae, each having its own specific function. These are (a) omni directional antenna, (b) sector antenna, and (c) panel antenna.
An omni directional antenna is used for point-to-multipoint configurations. It is applicable for situations wherein a lot of internet subscribers are located very close to the base station because it has a limited range and signal strength. A sector antenna, on the other hand, offers greater range and throughput with less energy.

Lastly, a panel antenna are often used for point-to-point applications but can also be used for WiMax configurations that connect radio antenna combination to a wider network, powered via the Ethernet cable. Such configuration can be very handy for relays. 

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