WiMax Forum: Regulating the Wireless Broadband Industry

The WiMax Forum is a non-profit technology institution responsible for certifying products, solutions and services using the WiMax technology.  It is also responsible for ensuring that the industry-accepted IEEE 802.16 standards for wireless broadband connectivity are strictly followed by chip manufacturers, service providers, and telecommunications companies.  WiMax Forum has more than 500 members consisting of industry players, communication regulators, and broadband connection networks.  It is a self-regulating and industry-driven institution tasked to ensure that WiMax technologies can achieve global cross systems interoperability.

WiMax Forum was established in 2001 at the infancy of wireless broadband solutions.  It should be credited for maintaining the standards for fixed, portable, wireless, and mobile broadband technology solutions.  Through the promotion of wireless solutions, the cost of deployment for broadband services has been reduced.  Companies will be able to eliminate the need for installing cabling and wiring infrastructures. It could result to significant reduction of broadband service cost. 

Interoperability on the other hand will enable companies to use their existing network systems and augment it with new WiMax technology solutions.  All these efforts are being promoted by WiMax Forum through the institution of strict standards protocols.

WiMax Forum is also responsible for providing trainings and certification courses to IT professionals.  There are four tracks of certification courses which cater to different skills levels.  System administrators and engineers of WiMax ecosystems can enroll in these certification courses to get professional recognition from the WiMax Forum.  IT professionals can also attend WiMax Forum events to get an exclusive invitation to these certification courses.

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