WiMAX ISP as a Business Opportunity

A person who wants to start WiMAX ISP as a business opportunity has many things to consider. Aside from having the capital to start with, some WiMAX equipment and some knowledge on WiMAX ISP, a person needs to weight the advantages and disadvantages of engaging in this business.

Pros and cons

One of the advantages or pros of engaging in a WiMAX ISP business is being the first in the market. If he is first among the pool, then he gets 100% of the total market share. Of course, the big question here is how many customers are willing to adopt the service that he offers.

The disadvantage or con is that there might be no market. Therefore, if he gets 100% market share, this means nothing if he has zero customer. Another disadvantage is that he has to wait for a longer time to see his investments growing. There is also the fear that first generation hardware and software are problematic.

The prospects for WiMAX technology as a good business venture have its good and bad sides. However, there are tips that future WiMAX ISP businessman can do such as targeting small businesses in urban areas.

There are several reasons for this. First, there is an increase in demand for bandwidths in business which is able to have symmetrical traffic may it be for voice or applications. Second, there is an increase need for separated last mile services. Although there are service providers that do this, the service is often down for several days. WiMAX ISP is a better alternative than this.

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