WiMAX Israel: WiMAX Leader in Asia

WiMAX provides a leading solution in wireless telecommunications especially in providing the last mile connectivity to end users. It also connects Wi-Fi hotspots to each other. It is a very efficient technology for providing high speed telecommunications services. And most of all, it is quite effective in reaching places and providing connections to places with internet and other telecommunications services.

Israel is one of the leaders in embracing the WiMAX technology. Through WiMAX, Israel public institutions such as their schools and hospitals are able to gain telecommunications and broadband access. Aiming to serve a wider coverage the Israel Telecommunication Corporation bought WiMAX ready equipment from the world’s leading wireless solutions provider.

The Ministry of Communications of Israel has yet to assign WiMAX frequencies to cellular telecommunications companies. It is slated to take place by the end of this year. However, WiMAX providers might not gain entrance to the said market until 2009. On the other hand, building a nationwide network could take until 2010.

The Ministry has granted tests or experiments to be done in Tel Aviv and Ashkelon for the meantime. Experiments in each area serve their purpose. The Tel Aviv experiment is there to test the viability of the technology in the country’s urban areas while the Ashkelon experiment is for testing its capability for emergency situations.

This is something people should be looking forward to since they will be most benefited to the availability of such services through WiMAX. With more efficient and quite a capable technology, the quality of services would only be better and cost could go down as well.

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