WiMAX License: An Essential Investment for Service Providers

WiMAX seem to be where the future of telecommunications technology is heading. While the use of WiMAX is becoming prevalent it is seen to more so in the future. It is being seen to replace many telecommunications infrastructures. It’s a viable replacement for telephone copper wire infrastructures as well as cable TV networks. It is also a good replacement for DSL and cable modem service.

Because of the potential of WiMAX, many companies see their businesses heading this way too. WiMAX advocate companies range from hardware manufacturers to software, applications and service providers. So really, the ease of propagating WiMAX is there. The WiMAX Forum is there to promote the WiMAX technology as well.

However, a WiMAX license needs to be secured before a service provider can offer WiMAX connections to its customers. They would have to invest a significant amount in order to obtain a WiMAX license from the FCC if the provider is operating in the US. The cost would include the fees that the service provider has to pay to frequency coordinators plus the actual fees paid to the FCC.

The service provider would typically have to contact a frequency coordinator who in turn will deal with the FCC. This frequency coordinator will be responsible for searching for the spectrum that is available for license. This way the most viable spectrum is given to service provider, preventing connection interference. Higher bandwidth would obviously cost more. But there is also an advantage. Service providers would also be able to offer more and better services to their customers.

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