WiMax Overview: The Basics that You Need to Know

Wifi, wireless broadband or mobile access – these are the common things that people on the go and those that could not live without the Internet are most familiar with. Anyway, this is their life now. But people are not quite familiar yet with WiMax. So what is WiMax? Would it made a big difference to know it too?

Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access or WiMax is the seamless digital communication technology that is really dedicated for getting wired with a metropolitan area networks. Have you heard that the new village near you is promoting that one of its advantage is that it’s providing wireless broadband access? How’s that possible? It is through WiMax. This system that is also known as IEEE 802.16 is the one responsible why a 30-kilometer area has broadband wireless access. It is also the one responsible why mobiles can hook with the wireless broadband within 5 to 15 kilometer radius.

The advantage of using WiMax is quite unique. Though it can easily support wireless data rates, it also eliminate much of those interferences. And since it can work on spectrums that are licensed or not, it can give the required environment for wireless carriers. It actually works the same way as WiFi use these protocols but then it is a little bit efficient when it comes to using larger bandwidth, processing larger data over a wider coverage and of course with avoiding interference. So the next time you get to see a wireless access over a large area, hopefully WiMax will pop up your mind and not just Wifi.

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