WiMax Point to Point Definition and Features

WiMax that is defined as Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Access which in more simple words mean broadband wireless technology used as an alternative access to broadband services. WiMax is all about high-speed internet access that delivers voice, video, and data using microwave radio frequency spectrum for users who are moving or not. This process of WiMax allows broadband communications to be available virtually at any location. So, basically, P2P or PTP are the two points of interest which is composed of the sender and the receiver. Such multipoint architecture allows highly focused beam between two points range.

The Point-to-Point Systems and WiMax Products
Point-to-Point in the context of WiMax offer various products that enable wireless communications that utilize very high radio frequencies usually 71-76 and 81-86 GHz. This is for multigigabit-per-second data transmission, voice and video transmission, and the facilitation of Triply Play services.

The PTP WiMax products feature the following elements:
1. Speed is from 1.25 Gps to 10 Gps
2. Systems range from simple single links to auto-failover, full-duplex systems
3. Support in any protocol virtually similar to fiber splice
4. Fully-secured that uses manifold encryption levels which are also available in network encryption dependence
5. Employs various power sources that are available in DC, AC, and fuel cell which are usually used in distant operations
6. Flatplate and parabolic designs antennas are available which varies between 12 to 24 inches, this depends to the required network design
7. Mounting selections are presented like pole, tower, wall mounting, and/or affixing the product to the window
Also, the Point-to-Point technology of WiMax is also manifested in high capacity links from the wider area network to an area of a single user which is primarily seen in large enterprises like telecommunication companies.

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