WiMAX Products: “WiMAX-ready” Not Equal to “WiMAX Forum Certified”

WiMAX is said to be the future of the internet specifically the future of the internet access and internet service. More and more companies are in fact working together to produce WiMAX products, not only in terms of internet service connections but compatible hardware to connect people all over the world. For this purpose, the WiMAX forum is there to certify the products which are WiMAX compliant.

These products could range from base stations, indoor WiMAX modems and chipsets to subscribers products and software. When a company is WiMAX Forum Certified, the site will list their name and their certified products. One only has to search for it and he will instantly see the forum certified WiMAX products and the companies. In a way the forum provides a guide not only to end users but to service providers as well. This is quite expected since the objective of WiMAX forum is to encourage interoperability of WiMAX devices. They certify WiMAX products according to the IEEE 802.16/ ETSI HiperMAN standard. The forum also aims to educate people about the use of WiMAX.

When a product is WiMAX forum certified, it means that it is interoperable with other WiMAX forum certified products. It can be used together with other wireless products for broadband. The advantage of using such products is that they facilitate ease in propagating the WiMAX technology.

It is important to know though that some companies label their products as “WiMAX-compliant” or “WiMAX-ready.” These products may not be WiMAX forum certified. So, one must also be careful about such marketing tactics. To be sure about compatibility with other officially certified products, one must use the WiMAX Forum Certified products. 

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