WiMAX Service: A Look into the Future

WiMAX is growing steadily because of the growing demand for wireless connections in communication technology. However, there are many drawbacks to the continued increase in usage of WiMAX. One of these drawbacks is the hesitancy of service providers to use a technology that is not widely used. These service providers do not know that WiMAX is the wave of the future and big service providers are now starting to notice.

Why WiMAX service?

A reliable technological standard for the service provider community is very important. This is what WiMAX service is working on. It wants to make a selection of the best of breed technology innovations into one consistent package.  It also wants to be able to offer services to denser customer bases at a reduced cost.

The future looks good for WiMAX service in terms of cost reduction. There is silicon chip based support of WiMAX technology that will come out. This first generation gear is said to be offered in the $350 price range. The next generation gear, which has better self-installation capabilities, would sell in the $250 US cost range. The third generation gear, which shall be used for laptops and other portables, could be sold in the $100 range.

It is expected that with the third generation gear, many service providers would accept WiMAX service. This is getting better and better. More service providers mean that there will be more demand for WiMAX service. More demand means that integrated chips can become lower as much as $50.

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