WiMAX Tutorial

WiMAX is said to be the wave of the future. It has been a great victory for WiMAX when it was considered to be under the 3G standards. This is a great prospect for operators who are looking for new endorsed products. It is just rationale that operators would want to have an understanding of the products before investing big capitals. How can he have an understanding of this? He can take a WiMAX tutorial?
Why take a WiMAX tutorial?

There are many WiMAX tutorials being offered on Internet. Basically, the course shall help to give a good understanding of the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of putting up WiMAX as another alternative for broadband wireless services.

The course would start on the historical and regulatory background of WiMAX. This would be followed by the discussion of the challenges encountered by the mobile communications channel and the ways that these are addressed in representative technologies.

The next topic will cover the pros and cons of the numerous solution methodologies to the problems presented by WiMAX. The discussion shall also touch on the intensive study of how WiMAX works. The WiMAX tutorial shall include the examination of various technical problems, which enables the participants to make sound sound engineering decisions.

Who should take the course?

Engineers who need solid technical knowledge on WiMAX can attend the WiMAX tutorials. He should have at least one-year experience in the field of communication engineering or any related fields. He should also have experience with modern wireless technology.

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