WiMax Wireless Network

In this world of increasing mobility, people demand for communication technologies that will enable them to access information timely regardless of the individual’s location.  The world today is all about wireless.  Being able to move around and get internet access anywhere with your laptop or talk over to a phone without necessarily looking for a phone booth or going to a desk counter to make or receive a call.

A technology that bridge  broadband access at home and in the office is known as WiMax.  WiMax is the long-range version of Wi-Fi for fixed, nomadic, portable, and mobile wireless broadband without the need for line-of-sight.  Non Line-of-Sight (NLOS) is a term used in radio communications that describes a radio channel or link wherein there is  no visual line of sight (LOS) between the transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna.  WiMax wireless cell radius is expected to cover 3-10 kilometers distance.
WiMax wireless uses the Point to Multipoint network.  It is a hub and spoke combination wherein it uses a base station as the “hub” and the subscriber units as the connection points at the other end of the spokes connecting to the base station. Another example of multipoint network are Cellular phone networks, wherein  the subscriber stations are the mobile phones.

The WiMax wireless multipoint network provides broadband access requirements to more users compared to what point to point application could offer such as cable or DSL. It is synonymous with distribution as one base station serves hundred of dissimilar subsribers in terms of bandwidth and services offered.

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