Win the Hearts of SMBs Through SaaS Integration

More practical and cost effective: these are just two of the many reasons why small business (SMB) owners are convinced to consider Software as a Service or SaaS in automating business processes and operations. It is because of SMBs that even software industry giants such as Microsoft and IBM has joined the bandwagon, seeking on-demand solutions to customers making SaaS as the best alternative to traditional on-premise software applications.

For SaaS vendors to be more appealing to SMBs, here are some of the things that they should keep in mind. First, they should concentrate on speed of use, rather than ease of use. Yes, it is important to find more convenient ways on how users can easily make use of the software. But then again, speed is something that should also be considered so that more work can be processed at any given time.

Second, invest on security. Learning to apply the recent breakthroughs in protecting customer data will attract more and more potential SMB clients in the future.

Third, access to information should be available at all times. It is a fact that customers may encounter downtimes as far as access to the internet is concerned; therefore it is necessary that customers have the ability to work offline and have basic navigation options to save loss time.

Lastly, it is a must to communicate well to customers the benefits of SaaS so as to avoid false expectations. There should be a balance between software and service. While it is important to concentrate on developing new on-demand software solutions, it is also important to provide customer support for better implementation of the different methodologies concerning SaaS.

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