Windows 2003 MCSE: Facing the Challenges of Tomorrow

Like any certification exams upgrades and modifications are being done from time to time. Most of the reason behind this is of course to maintain and improve the standard of the profession. While MCSE certified professional s still have a higher professional ranking than those who are not, getting the Windows 2003 MCSE certification would rank them even higher. And so IT professionals who like to be above others really upgrade their certifications.

The Windows 2003 MCSE certification still has seven exams though. However, the composition has changed. It now is composed of one client operating system exam, four networking exams, one design exam and one security elective exam.  An IT professional has to complete and pass these exams if he wants to be a Windows 2003 MCSE. He must make sure that he is not just prepared in one component but in all of them. He has to master installing, configuring and administering either Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional. For the networking part, he has to be an expert in administering the Windows server 2003 environment and planning, implementing and administering Windows 2003 server network environment and active directory infrastructure. The design part would entail expertise in designing Windows server2003 active directory and network infrastructure. And then of course, theres the security part that he should be able to handle pretty well.

There seems to be a lot to learn and to master. However, these are the skills one should possess in order to be considered a real pro. A lot is demanded from an IT professional but a lot can also be paid to him. If he is good then his credentials should say so. That is why he should get the Windows 2003 MCSE certification. 

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