WordPress Pages as a Result of Powerful Features Integration

Every WordPress page contains features committed to making the blogging technology stay on the cutting edge. The following WordPress features command excellence, functionalities, advantages, and area for improvements as well.

1.    Complete compliance of all standards set. Codes that are generated to achieve full compliance are assured of interoperability with the present and major browsers. WordPress standards are also enhancement-ready. With such kind of standards, you don’t have to settle for anything less.
2.    Regeneration of static pages is not necessary. Therefore, changes you make to your page are absolutely permissible.
3.    Non-blog contents are also manageable. This feature is highlighted in WordPress pages and this means static “About” page is available.
4.    WordPress links can be created, maintained, updated, and changed. Through administration interface, any quantity of blogrolls can be updated as well. And for the record, WordPress links are easily managed as compared to external blogroll manager.
5.    The full system dedicated solely for WordPress themes. In this regard, simple to in intricate WordPress themes and pages can be designed. And more interestingly, multiple WordPress themes that offer more impressive looks can be designed. In just a single click, your page can switch to a new design. More so, you can pick your choice of theme every day and anytime you want to.
6.    Spam protection is on the list. The WordPress tools for spam protection are so forceful and it also comes with an integrated blacklist, checker for open proxy, and a plentiful of plugins that work together.
7.    The complete registration for user is done in a built-in system. Such system permits maintenance of profiles and authentication of comments left on your blog. In fact you can even close comments from non-registered users or conceal low-level users.

Coming up with a powerful WordPress page seems to be easy as you study the functions of its major features. The truth is, it is.

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