WordPress Tags Categories Post Challenges to Bloggers

The responsibility of categorizing the contents in WordPress sites is still on the hands of the blogger. So, the categorization of WordPress tags posts challenges to bloggers. There are times that you have to employ content categories as tags applied in the entire site not just from your posts alone.

The lists of tags are located in the sidebars. That is why you have to manage well the arrangement of tags in your sidebars. This is because visitors tend to rely on what is inputed in your sidebar. The visitor resorts to tags to search for the site’s content or in site navigation. So, it is wise to maximize the function of the sidebars when tags are put but minimize the content categories for ease of reference. A few number of tag categories is relevant. However, a long list of categories seems to be intolerable in the part of the users.

There are actually built-in categories provided by WordPress but it is still the blogger’s preference to change or retain the categories. Instead of using the broad category “Reviews,” the blogger can modify it into “My Movie Reviews” or instead of using “Topics,” the blogger can change it into “Personal Stuff Entries.”

The audience of a particular site shouldn’t be underestimated especially when it comes to knowing the difference between the tags and plain linked categories. Categories and tags should still be treated separately but the impact is still reflected on the overall performance of the site. The stories behind the difference of tags and plain linked categories are identified once the visitor clicks on the tag or category. Hence, you have to always provide links that are fully related to the content of your site, not just simply put the tags or categories for display purposes.

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