Work of an Entry Level Help Desk

Problems rose to the support help desk needs to be
resolved immediately.  The level of support provided
depends on the degree of the problem seeking solutions. 
The first entry level of support is expected to give
immediate solutions to problems relating to basic
questions about the application system, or error message
encountered and specific events that transpired prior to
the problem.  Solutions to some of these problems may be
referred from the help desk database or other documentation,
or through consulting a colleague.
The entry level help desk should have a strong knowledge
of the system and software applications.  Title positions given
to an entry level help desk may be Desktop Technician,
Help Desk Technician, Technical Support Agent, and
Technical Customer Service Representative.  Their duties
involve answering telephone calls, analyzing problems based
on the automated diagnostic programs and resolve
recurring issues.  The entry level help desk should be
detail oriented, good problem solver, good
communication/people skills and with strong team

An entry level help desk position provides opportunity for
 an individual to take the 2nd level of support.  As they get
to hone their knowledge and experience, they move to an
advanced position in the support help desk.  Their
advanced knowledge and experience may lead them to
become network administrators, application developers
and database administrators.   Salary of an entry level help
desk ranges from $35,000 to $45,000 annually.

Being in the entry level help desk, you become the initial
troubleshooter for your organization.  As you deal directly
 with customer issues, your utmost concern and the handling
of the issues in a professional manner is highly expected.

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