Working on the VMWare Server Vista

One of the few drawbacks that a lot of computer wizards have to say about VMWare is the issue about compatibility.  Although you can practically virtualize your computer machine at any time, the need for the application software to make the whole process of virtualization makes it a little complex.

Take a look at how the Vista operating system works well with the VMWare Server.  The family of Windows operating system did not record any problem or issue of compatibility with Virtual Machine Servers – to date.  As a matter of fact, the recorded most compatible operating systems to work with the VMWare is the Windows platform.  In such cases, the Windows Vista operating system then perfectly works with the VMWare Servers. 

Just a tidbit of information about VMWare — a VMWare server works perfectly fine with Intel machines and that it works well with any operating system platform. Another thing, Vista operating system as we all know consumes a lot of PC memory space due to its massive graphic interface.  Just like Vista, the VMWare server does eat too much memory space, too. Although you can potentially limit and control the amount of RAM that will be allotted to using the VMWare server, however, the minimum requirement to have it properly downloaded and installed is still significantly higher. 

With these drawbacks, the VMWare Server that you will use for your Vista operating system will require too many resources from your end.  As such, you should prepare your PC resource very well should you plan to actuate virtualization on your PC with Windows Vista altogether. 

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