Xohm WiMAX from Sprint Nextel Corporation

Then, people were already happy to have about 56 kilobits per second of Internet speed. But now, there are technologies available that can provide people up to 100 megabits per second of Internet speed. There is now also the wireless Internet connection where people do not have to use the typical modems from telephone wires or devices for broadband connection. Internet access nowadays can be achieved just like having a signal with the mobile phone—wireless. And among the newest technology today that can provide wireless telecommunications technology is called WiMAX. This can be used to achieve Internet connection, thus, people can have the WiMAX Internet.

Today, what most people know as a wireless Internet access is the Wireless Fidelity or WiFi. This kind of technology can provide a local network of computers a connection to the Internet as long as they are within the so-called “hotspots.” These are mostly within the 100-to-300-foot radius. But the WiMAX Internet is a better technology and even a more advanced way to connect to the World Wide Web.

The WiMAX Internet can provide a local network of computers a connection to the Internet if they are within the 30-mile radius. That’s almost many times larger in scope than WiFi technology. With this capability, the WiMAX Internet can provide not only wider range of connection but faster Internet speed too. It can offer 10 megabits per second of Internet speed within the nearest 10 kilometers.

So far, the standard speed of WiMAX is not yet determined as well as the standard radius it can reach. But for now, what experts know is that it is far better than WiFi in distance scope and Internet speed.

Sprint Nextel Corporation is among the known companies providing WiMAX technology. One of the products that the company is promoting for the WiMAX technology is the Xohm. This is the brand name for the different services of 4G WiMAX provided by Sprint Nextel. Creation of Xohm WiMAX is expected from the company since it is the first to announce having the interest to build a mobile network for WiMAX. The company’s effort was never put wasted since the Xohm WiMAX has earned the Best of WiMAX 2007 Award for Industry Innovation.

Before the launching of Xohm WiMAX, Sprint Nextel has tested the product first in the Washington DC, Baltimore, and Chicago. This was done before the nationwide rollout to be launched in the 2008. With this advancement, Xohm WiMAX can provide better communications for the consumers.

Then, people need to find hotspots in order for their mobile phones to be activated. But not anymore with the Xohm WiMAX because the technology offers 30 miles of coverage. The Internet speed with this technology is also faster than other wireless telecommunications making the streaming of video faster and more enjoyable. The company also offers a no long-term contract for clients. Therefore, some of its services can be included in the pay-as-you-go deal.

So far, the Xohm Wireless is planned to be merged with the Clearwire. The 51 percent of the shares will be owned by the Sprint Nextel while the Clearwire will have the 27 percent. Other shares of the merging will be owned by Bright House, Google, Intel, Time Warner, and Comcast. With this merging, the Xohm WiMAX and Clearwire will be simply called as “Clearwire.”

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