Your 3 Point Guide to PMP Application

The PMP application can be a bit of a task, but it would all be worth it once you get your certificate.

Here are the important details which you must know and accomplish throughout the whole PMP application process.

1. Prepare a detailed resume. Since this is for PMP certification and not for employment, highlight only those which are related to project management. The authorities will look at these two important factors within your resume: educational attainment and work experience. Provide them with a detailed presentation of what your course was back in college and be sure to include all the majors you had pertaining to project management. This detail is greatly looked upon. As you go on to discuss your work experience within the paper, make sure that you also include the time frames wherein you have served as project manager. The time frame is deemed highly important.

2. As you pass the resume assessment, you should next review a code of professional conduct. This agreement assures you of ethical responsibilities as you go along the process. Upon signing this, you proceed to the next process.

3. This is already the PMP exam itself. This is a multiple-choice type of test which would assess how much you know about project management. This covers all the basics as well as the in-depth information only project managers are expected to know of. After passing this exam, that’s the only time you will be eligible to receive the PMP certificate. This is of course the last part and the deciding factor for the entire PMP application process.

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