Your Guide To Helpdesk Guides

Helpdesks are an important part in any organization.  Research has shown that it is
costlier to find new customers than keeping them.  So it is imperative that helpdesks
be set up in every organization in order for them to maintain an excellent customer
relationship.  A simple and easy to follow helpdesk guide for customers to effortlessly
identify and resolve their problems is a dream of all establishments.

A helpdesk is an information and resource database that assists, guides, troubleshoots
and offers solutions to computer problem problems and other IT related products. 
Usually, helpdesks are accessed via the phone, email or the internet.  It can either
have a team of customer service representatives or have a link to frequently asked
questions (FAQ).

In establishing a helpdesk guide, companies should keep records of all helpdesk
transactions and analyze them properly so that similar problems can be grouped
together for easy reference.  Since most companies have websites that contain a link
to FAQ, grouping similar problems and creating a simple summary of solutions can
be an advantage to the company.  Helpdesk guides should not be confusing and
troublesome for customers and clients especially if they are not very familiar with the
product.  We should always remember that the first level of resolving problems or
questions usually start with the FAQ, so your helpdesk guide should be concise, clear
and easy to follow to avoid dissatisfied customers.  Having a team of helpdesk
representatives will also be beneficial to your company in the event that the helpdesk
guide cannot solve or answer the inquiries of the customer.  The main purpose of the
helpdesk representative will be to directly interact and handle the customer’s
questions efficiently.

Keeping customers happy is one of the most important objectives of any company. 
Having an excellent helpdesk guide to immediately resolve any inquiries is the first
step to keeping the customers happy and keeping them loyal to your company.

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