#1 – The Significant Role of ITIL Management

It is mandatory for a management team to display a high level of commitment and competence to help an organization navigate its way to success.  However, in the highly competitive world of business, that may no be enough. Management may also need to find ways to improve the quality of service to provide their customers.  The best way to do so is through updating the Information Technology resources of the organization, which is what many industries do nowadays.  Through the clear understanding of Information Technology Infrastructure, management can make sure the organization will be able to to improve IT-dependent services to customers. Successful application of the technology is further achieved when management is reliant on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) approach is utilized.
The basic function of ITIL® Management is to manage the Service Support and Service Delivery departments which are the two key areas of ITIL® Management. ITIL® Management incorporates an overview of the business into its systems design for the benefit of senior management so that they can oversee the effective delivery of IT services to customers. Both the positions of Service Support and Service Delivery should be occupied by competent senior managers who hold an accredited ITIL® Foundation Certificate, and an ITIL® Service Manager Certificate as well.
The ITIL® Service Support Manager and the ITIL® Service Delivery Manager must also possess 5 years of training and experience in any of the following areas: IT Service Support, IT Service Delivery, IT Consultancy, IT Project Management and IT Program Management.

They should be highly knowledgeable in ITIL® best practices. They must furthermore be able to fully support the integration of ITIL® Service Improvement programs within the organization. Lastly, they ought to be able to make the most of all the necessary resources so that the business can truly benefit from the IT environment they have created.

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