A landing page is critical especially for an online business conducting pay per click campaigns.  It is important to create superior landing page quality to increase the conversion rate of the online business.  It can also reduce the cost of the ad campaign as most PPC sites reward advertisers with quality landing pages.

Basically, there are two basic qualities that good landing pages should posses.  First they should be relevant.  There are many things to consider in making the landing page relevant.  For one, relevant keywords should be in the title of the ads.  These keywords should also be placed on the ad description, in the URL display, and in the destination URL.  

Relevancy also means that the landing page has content corresponding to the ad description and title.  This means advertisers should say what they mean in their landing pages.  There is no use duping a prospective customer with totally irrelevant landing page.  It will just be a waste of time, money, and effort because the landing page will not convert visitors to paying customers.

Second, a landing page should be very user focused.  This means the landing page should have functions or navigation that will make it easy for customers to order and buy the advertised products.  It should also have all the necessary information that users can find to help them decide on their shopping experience.  The landing page should also provide enough privacy and security for users especially if it collects private information such as email addresses, names, and other customer data.

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