The major concerns you should have in choosing a career path would be your interests and your abilities. Getting into a career that does not interest you and does not match your ability is a futile move. The other factors which can help a career-seeker decide on how to direct their career path are the availability of good job opportunities, the global acceptance of such occupations, and the potential income and benefits one can get from the profession.  These factors are all satisfied in the Information Technology profession. 
An IT profession may become a more rewarding career if you simply keep adding few more training courses and further studies to your cap. Being globally accepted and utilized, an IT career can bring you a prosperous future and long-lasting employment prospects. IT is well accepted as a basic tool in any industry and/or occupation and could therefore be rated as a must for any organization to possess as a resource. The practical question though is: does it pay well?
A Global Knowledge market organization listed the ITIL® Managers Certificate as being fifth in the top ten lists of the ten highest-paying certifications one can get in the technology industry.  The average annual salary of an ITIL® Manager Certificate was listed at $94,000.00.  Those with an ITIL® Practitioners Certificate are believed to earn an average annual income of $87,917.00. People who choose to pursue Information Technology careers can expect to average an annual income of $112,088.00 (being the highest) and $78,579 (the base) as recorded as of June 2007.
You may find the figures encouraging and may now decide to take the plunge into an IT career (and may even get into the ITIL® field as well).  However, you should keep in mind that those figures are currently being earned by those IT professionals who are deeply focused on their careers. If you wish to get the maximum benefits such as great wages from an IT career you should remember this – set a career goal then stick to it. This means being very focused on your work so that you can earn the rewards.

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