The MCITP certification exams are difficult but not impossible to overcome.  With proper preparation and training, any IT professional with sufficient experience could easily ace the MCITP certification process.  

One of the best methods of preparing for the certification exam is through self paced studies.  The MCITP self paced study method has been proven effective by numerous IT professionals.  The self paced study involves the use of books and CD materials.  The MCITP books will be the main study guides while the CD files contain practice MCITP exams.  

IT professionals can get 2 benefits by utilizing this method of preparing for MCITP certification.  

First, their work will not be disrupted by the MCITP training.  There are lots of training centers that provide on-site preparation programs.  This is a good method for those comfortable with personalized instruction.  However, for very busy professionals, it would be difficult to find time to go to a regular formal training session.  The self paced training method then would be suitable for them.  Through self paced study, IT professionals can schedule their review session during their free time.  They can still perform their daily job functions while training for the MCITP exam.

Second, the self paced training and study method is cheaper than formal training sessions.  Going to a boot camp or getting coaching services has become very expensive nowadays.  With the self paced training, IT professionals will only buy 1 book.  This will be their primary study guide.  The book comes with a CD for the practice test which can be taken anytime they want.   

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