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Master data management

Business intelligence Business intelligence and data warehousing

Using a broad definition: “Business Intelligence is a set of methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information used to enable more effective strategic, tactical, and operational insights and decision-making.” When using this definition, business intelligence also includes technologies such as data integration, data quality, data warehousing, master data management, text and content analytics, and many others that the market sometimes lumps into the Information Management segment

Master data management

In computing, Master Data Management (MDM) comprises a set of processes, governance, policies, standards and tools that consistently defines and manages the master data (i.e. non-transactional data entities) of an organization (which may include reference data).

Master data management

An MDM tool can be used to support Master Data Management by removing duplicates, standardizing data (Mass Maintaining), incorporating rules to eliminate incorrect data from entering the system in order to create an authoritative source of master data

Master data management Issues

As with other Extract, Transform, Load-based data movement, these processes are expensive and inefficient to develop and to maintain which greatly reduces the return on investment for the master data management product.

Master data management Solutions

The tools include data networks, file systems, a data warehouse, data marts, an operational data store, data mining, data analysis, data virtualization, data federation and data visualization. One of the newest tools, virtual master data management (also called virtual mdm) utilizes data virtualization and a persistent metadata server to implement a multi-level automated MDM hierarchy.

Information technology management IT managers

Many will also need to know master data management, which is a process that spans all of the companies processes and business

Enterprise resource planning Process preparation

ERP implementation is considerably more difficult (and politically charged) in decentralized organizations, because they often have different processes, business rules, data semantics, authorization hierarchies and decision centers. This may require migrating some business units before others, delaying implementation to work through the necessary changes for each unit, possibly reducing integration (e.g., linking via Master data management) or customizing the system to meet specific needs.

Teradata – History

2006: Teradata launches Enterprise Master Data Management Solution.

Data virtualization

This concept and software is a subset of data integration and is commonly used within business intelligence, service-oriented architecture data services, cloud computing, enterprise search, and master data management.

Data steward

Data stewardship roles are common when organizations are attempting to exchange data precisely and consistently between computer systems and reuse data-related resources. Master data management often makes references to the need for data stewardship for its implementation to succeed.

Data profiling

Have an enterprise view of all data, for uses such as master data management where key data is needed, or data governance for improving data quality.

Microsoft SQL Server – SQL Server 2008 R2

SQL Server 2008 R2 (10.50.1600.1, formerly codenamed Kilimanjaro) was announced at TechEd 2009, and was released to manufacturing on April 21, 2010. SQL Server 2008 R2 adds certain features to SQL Server 2008 including a master data management system branded as Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services|Master Data Services, a central management of master data entities and hierarchies.

Identity resolution

Identity resolution engines are typically used to uncover risk, fraud, and conflicts of interest, but are also useful tools for use within Customer Data Integration (CDI) and Master Data Management (MDM) requirements. Typical uses for identity resolution engines include terrorist screening, insurance fraud detection, USA Patriot Act compliance, Organized retail crime ring detection and applicant screening.

Identity resolution – Master data management

Most Master data management (MDM) products use a record linkage process to identify records from different sources representing the same real-world entity. This linkage is used to create a golden master record containing the cleaned, reconciled data about the entity. The techniques used in MDM are the same as for record linkage generally.

Entity-attribute-value model – History of EAV database systems

Additionally, there are numerous commercial applications that use aspects of EAV internally including Oracle Designer (applied to ER modeling), Kalido (applied to data warehousing and master data management), and Lazysoft Sentences (applied to custom software development).

Master data

It is the primary focus of the Information Technology (IT) discipline of Master Data Management (MDM), and can include reference data

Master data – Master Data Defined

Excerpted from Master Data Management for Media: A Call to Action for Business Leaders in Marketing, Advertising, and the Media, a Microsoft White Paper by Scott Taylor and Robin Laylin, January 2010

Software AG – History

Since February 2010 IDS Scheer is part of the Software AG Group.[ The domination and profit transfer agreement between Software AG and IDS Scheer AG now registered] In October 2010, the company acquired New Jersey based Data Foundations, a leading master data management provider

Customer data integration – History of customer data integration

CDI commonly supports both customer relationship management and master data management, and enables access from these enterprise applications to information confidently describing everything known about a customer, donor, or prospect, including all attributes and cross references, along with the critical definition and identification necessary to uniquely differentiate one customer from another and their individual needs.

Fact (data warehouse) – Hybrid design

The hybrid architecture allows a DW to be replaced with a master data management solution where operational, not static information could reside.

Single customer view As such, the acquisition by an organisation of a single customer view is one potential outcome of successful Master data management

Informatica – Main products

Informatica’s product portfolio focused on Data Integration: Application Information Lifecycle Management, B2B Data Exchange, Cloud Data Integration, Complex Event Processing, Data Masking, Data Quality, Data Replication, Data Virtualization, Enterprise Data Integration, Master Data Management, Informatica Ultra Messaging; currently at version 9.5 These components form a toolset for establishing and maintaining enterprise-wide data warehouses, including the key used for Extract, transform, load|ETL processing

SAS (software) – Recent history

In 2008 SAS announced Project Unity, a project to integrate data quality, data integration and master data management.

Chief data officer – History and evolution

As organizations have recognized the importance of information technology as well as business intelligence, data integration, master data management and data processing to the fundamental functioning of everyday business, this role has become more visible and crucial

SAP Master Data Management

‘SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (SAP NW MDM)’ is a component of SAP AG|SAP’s NetWeaver product group and is used as a platform to consolidate, cleanse and synchronise a single version of the truth for master data within a heterogeneous application landscape

SAP Master Data Management

# Central Master data management – as for Master Data Harmonisation, but all master data is maintained in the central MDM system. No maintenance of master data occurs in the connected client systems.

TIBCO Software – Products

‘TIBCO MDM ‘is master data management for aligning enterprise data across multiple business units, departments and partners, synchronizing the information with downstream IT transactional systems.Kandru, Venkat (October 30, 2008). [ TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager]. Information Management (website)|Information Management. Retrieved July 23, 2013.


Sunopsis products provide solutions for data warehousing, data integration, data migration, data synchronization and Master data management.

IBM Infosphere – Background

IBM Infosphere is a branded product line from IBM under its IBM Information Management Software|Information Management Software brand, announced in February 2008, which includes software products from its IBM WebSphere|WebSphere and Information Server product lines. Upon its announcement, included in the Infosphere product line were the IBM Infosphere Master Data Management Server and IBM Infosphere Data Warehouse|Warehouse.

IBM Infosphere – IBM InfoSphere software

* IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server (formerly WebSphere Customer Center and WebSphere Product Center)

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse

BW is part of the SAP NetWeaver technology. Other components of SAP NetWeaver include SAP Enterprise Portal (EP, called SAP NetWeaver Portal as of Release 7.0), SAP Web Application Server|Web Application Server (WAS), SAP Process Integration (PI, or previously XI, i.e. eXchange Infrastructure) and SAP Master Data Management|Master Data Management (MDM). It also includes end-user reporting tools such as Report Designer, BEx Query Designer, BEx Web Application Designer and BEx Analyzer.

Hyperion Solutions – Timeline

* 2005 – Hyperion acquires Razza Solutions (Master data management) and appoints Northdoor as a reseller in the UK and Ireland.

ERP software – Process preparation

This may require migrating some business units before others, delaying implementation to work through the necessary changes for each unit, possibly reducing integration (e.g., linking via Master data management) or customizing the system to meet specific needs.Thomas H

Reference table

Establishing an enterprise-wide view of reference tables is called master data management.

Data domain

In a database normalization|normalized data model, the Master data management|reference domain is typically specified in a reference table. Following the previous example, a Gender reference table would have exactly two records, one per allowed value—excluding NULL. Reference tables are formally related to other tables in a database by the use of foreign keys.

Data architect

A data architect’s job frequently includes the set up a metadata registry and allows domain-specific stakeholders to maintain their own data elements. This is often implemented in an Master Data Management solution which enables centralized

Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services

‘Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services’ is a Master Data Management (MDM) product from Microsoft, which will ship as a part of the Microsoft SQL Server database

Talend – Data management

* Talend Open Studio for MDM: a set of functions for master data management that provides functionality for integration, quality, governance, mastering and collaborating on enterprise data

Talend – Data management

* Talend Platform for Master Data Management: turn disparate, inconsistent information across a business into a single, reliable “version of the truth”, providing increased confidence in decisions made

MDM – In science and technology

* Master data management, a discipline in information technology (IT) that focuses on the management of reference or master data shared by different disparate IT systems and groups

Westpac – Westpac is formed

* February 2013: Westpac selected Oracle’s Exadata Database Machine and Exalogic Elastic Cloud solutions to support the ongoing deployment of Oracle-based Master Data Management (MDM) applications, with the overall aim to achieve a single view of its customer information.

Health information exchange – Established HIE communities

HPHC implements CRM, Master Data Management and is now implementing Oracle Policy Automation to support integrated call center and online self-service for plan purchase and management across their various customer groups additionally, HPHC is using their platform to support recruitment and to better analyze and improve service levels in a heavily competitive market.

Data quality assurance – Optimum use of data quality

All data having attributes referring to Reference Data in the organization may be validated against the set of well-defined valid values of Reference Data to discover new or discrepant values through the ‘validity’ DQ check. Results may be used to update Reference Data administered under Master Data Management (MDM).

Information quality – Information Quality conferences

;Master Data Management Data Governance Conferences[ MDM SUMMIT Conference]

Metadata repository – Definition

Metadata repository explores the enterprise wide data governance , data quality and master data management (includes master data and reference data) and integrates this wealth of information with integrated metadata across the organization to provide decision support system for data structures, even though it only reflects the structures consumed from various systems.

Information Server – Business Value of an Information Server

:*For ‘master data management’, it helps organizations develop authoritative master data by enabling them to understand where and how information is stored across systems, and to consolidate disparate data into a single, reliable record.

Big structure – Applications

Big structure is most broadly applicable to the area of interoperability|data interoperability, with specific applications in the semantic Web, information retrieval, knowledge management, master data management, or any area that requires two or more datasets to be related to one another.

Tool management

Tool management is divided into documentation (Master data management|master data) and logistics (transaction data)

Bulldog (disambiguation) – Computing

* Bulldog (Microsoft), an upcoming Master Data Management (MDM) product from Microsoft

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