A landing page is a critical part of Internet marketing.  Whether through PPC programs, email marketing, or search engine marketing, a landing page could certainly amplify the impact of online advertising campaigns.  It enables marketers to increase their sales leads and to boost their actual sales.  

A landing page needs to be optimized however to become an effective advertising medium.  Landing page optimization is similar to website optimization techniques.  However, there are some particular optimization techniques that are needed by landing pages.  

First, a landing page should be very simple.  It is best to avoid fancy pages loaded with graphics and multimedia.  These page add-ons will just distract the customers from the main offer.  Marketers should create a simple sales page and stick to basic content, which is the product being advertised on the landing page.  A few action graphics will help especially in catching the attention of visitors.  But it is best not to over design the landing page.

Second, ensure that the landing page will only contain one product or service offering.  A different landing page can be created for other products or services.  The main object of the landing page is to generate positive action from customers.  So, it would be disadvantageous to confuse customers with lots of products or services being offered on the page.

Lastly, a landing page should provide a simple form where customers could sign up if ever they are not yet ready to buy.  This sign up form will ensure that the marketer can continue to communicate with prospective customers for future offers.  

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