ECDL practice tests provide accurate and detailed overview of the actual ECDL exams.  It can enhance the confidence of those who will take the exams to avoid unnecessary mental stress during tests.  The ECDL practice tests also measures the general proficiency of candidates.  So, it is a good indicator of the strength and weaknesses of computer users.

ECDL practice tests can be taken in three modes.  The first is a custom practice test which is also a valuable educational and review tool.  By configuring a practice test into a custom mode, the questions will have a comprehensive explanation of the answers.  So, after answering the exam, explanations will be displayed which offer detailed instructions on the step by step process involved in coming up with the correct answer.

The second is the skills proficiency determination.  After taking the practice tests, the weak areas of users can be displayed.  This means that more study is needed to master applications that pose difficulties for the user.  It can help those preparing for the certification exams to focus more on their weakness so that during the actual test, these areas can be answered correctly.

The ECDL practice test can also be configured to simulate actual exams.  Timed practice tests can be made so that the examinees can experience actual test conditions.  This will help them cope with any pressure associated with the ECDL exams. 

ECDL practice tests are valuable preparation tool of computer users that will take the certification exam.  It can also measure the general level of computer proficiency which could help organize ECDL formal studies.

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