Many among the full time bloggers nowadays prefer to use the 2-column themes for their blogs instead of the 3-column themes. However, when it comes to the blogger masses of WordPress, 3-column themes is on the top choice. There are actually numbers of reasons why these bloggers prefer the 3-column WordPress themes, one of which is the chance to place more stuffs on the sidebar. In fact, such design is viewed by the blogger experts as a good way to acquire more revenues from the blog.

Essentially, using the 3-column WordPress theme attracts more funds to come in because there are more space for subscription buttons, advertisements, and other vital sidebar contents that should be visible in the eyes of the readers. Apparently, the use of 3-column theme also provides more balance in the page.

To those 2-column theme users who want to shift to 3-column theme, the following presents some examples of the selections of 3-column themes that are available to the community of WordPress:

1.    3-Column Themes with 2 Sidebar on the Left Pane
•    Facebooked Theme
2.    3-Column Theme with 2 Sidebar on the Right Pane
•    Black and White Theme (Optimized for Adsense and SEO Friendly)
•    Free Revolution Theme
•    ProSense Theme (Optimized for AdSense and SEO Friendly)
There are actually a lot more 3-Column WordPress themes that one can choose from. To see the full list of selections, one may simply search them of the Internet. The use of 3-column WordPress theme is highly suggested to those individuals who use Goggle as the primary source of their blog traffic.

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