A business intelligence project can bring innumerable benefit to companies in terms of increased awareness of different business environments and increased ability of companies in making good business decisions.  The deployment of a business intelligence project should be carefully carried out and should always answer the specific needs of companies.  There are common mistakes companies should look at when deploying a business intelligence project for their enterprise.

The first mistake companies should avoid is over customization.  Over customization decreases the use value of business intelligence applications.  It is true that the BI technology must answer the specific needs of users.  But too much scaling can take out the contextual value of data provided by the application which is dangerous because it can generate a myopic business intelligence outlook.  Over customization will also take longer to create therefore increasing the cost associated with software use.

The second mistake companies should avoid is lack of appropriate skills to use the application due to insufficient training. Business intelligence tools and applications are relatively easy to use.  However, any new technology that will be introduced to the company workforce should always be preempted by sufficient trainings.  This will greatly enhance the understanding of the business intelligence technology and therefore it could be easily integrated into the company software environment.  Lack of training will result to wastage of time and resources.

The third mistake that should be avoided is lack of enough corporate support.  Top executives should lead in the implementation and use of business intelligence.  If executive support is lacking, business intelligence project will be doomed to fail.

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