There many Web 2.0 hosting solutions and plans that will cater to different kinds of site content.  Webmasters could choose from a wide variety of web hosts that offer multiple solutions for a single payment plan.  However, there are also free Web 2.0 hosting plans that are ideal for trial sites.  These free hosting plans are usually ad supported.

Before shopping for a Web 2.0 hosting provider, webmasters and web developers should carefully consider specific features of the plan.

First, webmasters should carefully measure the amount of disk space that their Web 2.0 site will require.  The hosting plan should be weighed then based on the requirement of the site.  Disk space is measured in megabytes or gigabytes.  If the Web 2.0 site will feature lots of video or photo uploads, then lots of disk space would be needed.

Second, the data transfer limit of Web 2.0 hosting provider should also be considered.  Data transfer is the amount of out bound traffic allocated by the host on the Web 2.0 site.  Webmasters expecting heavy traffic for their website with lots of downloads should choose an unlimited data transfer plan.  This is to ensure that the Web 2.0 site will not experience downtimes.

The last consideration should be the cost of the plan.  The Web 2.0 hosting should be aligned with the budget of the webmaster.  Most hosting providers bill their customers on a monthly basis.  But there are plans that will allow a full year free hosting for premium plans of hosting services.

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