A good landing page could provide a steady income for every Internet marketer.  That is why some marketing gurus refer to these pages as their online automated money machines.  A good landing page not just captures sales leads it must also convert these leads into paying customers.  Here are some tips in creating a good landing page with high conversion rate.

First, the landing page should be forthright.  It should establish that the page is about a certain product or service.  The sales pitch of the landing page should be very simple with no over zealous hype.  This will increase the credibility of the landing page and visitors would be more inclined to know more about the product.

Second, the landing page should be easy to scan.  A kilometric landing page is a good source of bounce rate.  Online buyers don’t have the time to read very long sales letters.  That’s why they shop on the Internet because they want a convenient a fast way to purchase what they want.  As much as possible, the landing page should have a bullet list to describe the product.  A list of benefits would be more effective than a long and roundabout sales letter.

Finally, a good landing page should have a compelling call to action.  That’s the reason why landing pages are created.  They are designed to push customers to act on the sales pitch.  The call to action should be placed prominently on the landing page.  Some marketers create bright red buttons or bold linked text to entice customers to make a purchase.

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