There are three modes that can be used for the VMware networking protocols.  The VMware networking tools are responsible for the communication processes of the virtual machines.  They are also responsible for the flow of outgoing and incoming network traffic of the virtual machine environment. 

The first VMware networking mode uses bridging methods.  This is the simplest virtual machine connection to the external network systems.  It uses the physical network resources of the host machine and replicates the characteristic of the host in using the bridge.  The network program of the host views the virtual network as a separate PC or engine utilizing the Local Area Network for its communication purposes.

The second VMware networking mode is through the use of Host only connection.  Virtual communication can take place between the host and the virtual machines.  In like manner, the virtual machines can communicate with external network utilizing the network interface of the host system.  This method of network communication is ideal for local network traffic between host and virtual machines.  However, this is not ideal for use in traffic direction outside of the network.

The last networking mode of the VMware systems is the use of NAT.  VMware NAT translates the IP protocol of the host to communicate with other external networks.  The configuration for this kind of connection can be manually altered in order to assign unique IP address for the virtual machine.  The main disadvantage of this kind of communication is the virtual machines can use the entire network resources of the host.

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