Develop and maintain standard work instructions/best practices in accordance with organization policies and lean/process improvement programs; identify lean improvement opportunities and partner across functions to achieve results.

More Uses of the 5S Toolkit:

  • Confirm your organization monitors and review the inspection and daily quality control activities for incoming materials, work in process, and final inspections and testing of finished.
  • Ensure new hires are trained on all aspects of job, track performance and provide progress feedback to the employee and Operations Manager regarding progress.
  • Ensure your organization provides oversight of troubleshooting, commissioning, and maintenance work order execution activities performed by contract programmer staff.
  • Support and maintain metrics and relevant information on current Visual Management boards to drive teamwork and facilitate shift change over.
  • Ensure you understand manufacturing concepts like Value Stream mapping, 5S and Visual Workplace to improve quality, labor efficiency, and throughput.
  • Drive operational excellence best practices, as daily management, standard work, 5S workplace organization and effective problem solving.
  • Make sure that your organization maintains positive and cooperative communications and collaboration with all levels of employees, customers, contractors, and vendors.
  • Support areas across the plant in driving the adoption of continuous improvement practices and programs (5S, Lean, Six Sigma) conducive to an organized and clean work environment.
  • Develop and maintain accuracy of equipment metadata by regularly collecting and inputting information, as; manufacturer, model, serial number, and system structure information.
  • Create training programs for blending and encapsulation operators; perform continue improvement initiatives to improve operational efficiencies.
  • Differentiate performance by coaching, training and mentoring staff in an effort to continuously improve the effectiveness of the workforce.
  • Provide proactive communication regarding product availability, supply chain delays or other issues to the assigned customers, sales team, and internal personnel.
  • Support development of new products by advising on manufacturing needs during design to ensure ease of manufacturing and quality are maintained.
  • Lead: direction and servant leadership lead and demonstrate your people skills as you provide direction and support to your team of operators.
  • Maintain the inventory accuracy in primary areas of work by working closely with the team leads and cycle counter and make the necessary improvements.
  • Support 5S and Lean Projects and continuously identify ways to reduce plant operating costs through the incorporation of Operational Excellence strategies.
  • Ensure you lead 5S and Lean manufacturing activities, and support production in various areas as material handling improvements, production line configuration, and safety procedures.
  • Arrange that your organization responds to quality problems by facilitating the identification of root causes and implementation of corrective action for process related concerns.
  • Confirm you understand and communicate customer expectations throughout the Operations Department, and ensure all products meet customer standards and requirements.
  • Manage: pre shift and mid shift meetings are utilized as touchpoints to gain a pulse of the team and encourage and motivate the team multiple times each day.
  • Orchestrate: site acceleration occurs when a team of labor experts analyze current practices and develop action plans to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Confirm your organization performs routine operational tests and fault isolation on development systems and equipment to ensure conformance with design specifications.
  • Provide direction and coordination to warehouse team relative to specific quality focus areas Damage Processors, Returns Processors, Auditors.
  • Manage to liaise with the Engineering Department to prioritize breakdowns, tasks and projects to limit the effect on equipment availability and product quality.


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