A WordPress chat box can be installed in just 60 seconds or less. Jonathan McGee featured in his article “The Chatroll Blog” the easiest and the fastest way for one to add a free WordPress chat box to one’s blog.  To make a chat box, McGee suggested to use the Chatroll live forums so there will be no need to set up any plugins.

The following are the steps to follow in installing WordPress chat box:
1.    Make a live forum to be used for the WordPress chat box. To create a forum, one needs to go to chatroll. There he will select a name that will fit in to his blog. This name will show in the title of the chatbox. Ideally, an individual is encouraged to think of a striking and detailed description. This way, people will find it easy to locate the forum.
2.    Copy the embed code from the homepage of the forum. An individual should go to his newly created homepage of the forum. The embed code is placed under the chat window with a label ‘embed.’
3.    Paste the embed code into the HTML Editor of WordPress. An individual should go back in WordPress. Afterwards, he should open the post where he wants the chatbox to appear.
4.    Finally, reload the blog to check the embedded chat box. The chat box should already appear in the WordPress blog this time and is ready to function.

If in case a problem arises after following these four steps, a person may simply go to the Chatroll Support forum and request for a help.

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