#9 – The Steps Involved In Using CMMI ITIL

Capability Maturity Model Integration (or CMMI) is a process of improvement used by organizations which encompasses elements which are essential and effective to organizational functions. CMMI can be used to guide improvement of processes within projects, subdivisions, or even an entire organization. It aids in integrating traditional and independent organizational functions to allow for guidance in quality processes, sets in place a process to improve priorities and goals, and offers points of reference necessary for appraisal of current processes.
#9 – Getting started with CMMI
The first step involves securing appropriate sponsorship and funding. Before you even try out a process improvement effort, try to ensure that you have enough funds to sponsor the program management initiative. Sponsoring and funding are critical to ensure its success.
Second, you must understand the basic concepts of the CMMI suite. Attend to its introductory courses, and also pursue training, if doable.
Take steps to prepare your organization about the changes. Treating process improvement as a company project will help changes proceed smoothly. Try to establish the business goals and objectives to heighten efforts at improvement. Discuss perceived effects, benefits and costs, with the people concerned to allow for a persuasive presentation of the opportunities and problems that may arise.
Form an engineering process group that will coordinate the sequence of activities within the enterprise. Members of this group may serve as mentors for others throughout the improvement process.
The fifth step involves knowing your stand; mapping CMMI for analysis to determine the process of your organization; and comparing it with CMMI models as part of the appraisal method. Gather data from managers, project leaders and workers by surveying  this results in identification of opportunities and elimination of barriers to changes.
Communicate and coordinate with everyone. Be honest and be open when communicating by listening to the comments and suggestions of others.
In conclusion, CMMI will necessitate tracking your progress. Compare where your organization stands right now and then look at where you want to go. This helps you to focus on your progress throughout the improvement program.

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