Ready to use prioritized AI Governance requirements, to:

Evaluate and lead implementation of new digital automation tools and technologies with emerging platforms, including intelligent and cognitive automation to automate business processes that involve attended robotics process automation (human-in-the-loop), integration with natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning services, Chatbots, and text analytics on data extracted from semi-structured and unstructured documents. .


    • Does your organization have clear policies around data governance, privacy, AI bias, and transparency?
    • Do you have governance in place to ensure personal data and information is not exploited?
    • How will governance and regulations control or promote technologies as data privacy, Artificial Intelligence, autonomous vehicles and drone deliveries?
    • What is information governance and how does it differ from data governance?
    • Does your organization have an AI Governance Process and a clearly defined Privacy and Ethics Policy?
    • Does artificial intelligence have the potential to help people make better data driven decisions?
    • How does your data governance help your AI transformation?
    • How does your management sustain its data governance programs over the long haul?
    • Does your organization have a set of AI governance principles?
    • What does good data governance consist of?

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