Ready to use prioritized AIOps Architecture requirements, to:

Be confident that your process is involved in cross multi team projects and influencing product technical direction across multiple stakeholders product management, QE, (internal) customer support, other teams etc. .


    • How well does your organization retain and engage people in teams that support the data lifecycle?
    • How does your organization have real time holistic visibility of the application stack and Infrastructure map?
    • How do techniques from the pre-analytics era differ from your new data science and business analytics approach, or have they just been re skinned to fit into the new terminology?
    • Are you able to use your business intelligence tools to data mine the AIOps repository?
    • How do your existing solutions integrate into event management, AIOps and Information Technology Service Management tools?
    • When everything is known, how will you ensure data ethics in AI to not discriminate based on the data you have?
    • How do you monitor all the components individually to make sure they are in their expected state, where is the relationship between components?
    • How did your organization skilfully achieve digital transformation, and what tools did you need on path?
    • What impact will AIOps have on functional collaboration across your organization?
    • What telemetry data you monitor, at which stage and in what form?

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