Ready to use prioritized Access Management requirements, to:

Safeguard that your design is determining Identity and Access Management requirements by evaluating business strategies and requirements, implementing IAM and information security standards, conducting system and vulnerability analyses and risk assessments, recommending secure architecture aligned to business architecture, and identifying/driving remediation of integration issues in IAM. .


    • Are there any sight distance or physical obstructions that will result in a safety problem?
    • What levels of assurance are needed and how can the risk analysis benefit setting standards and policy functions?
    • Who can provide identity proofing?
    • Why do you need access management?
    • Why is access management important?
    • Has your organization established an identity and access management program that is consistent with requirements, policy, and applicable guidelines and which identifies users and network devices?
    • Access management – who has access?
    • How are access management improvements funded?
    • What external factors influence your success?
    • What organizational structure is required?

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