Ready to use prioritized Agile Transformation requirements, to:

Work with IT, Business Transformation project manager and Risk Strategy teams to establish an Agile Operating model in compliance with key risk type policies and processes (new business initiative governance, change management policies etc.).


    • What evidence do you have that Agile transformation will make your organization more successful?
    • How does your organization know if your Agile transformation is successful?
    • Does your organization have a package of Agile metrics that support team levels up to executive level decision making?
    • Does your Agile transformation have high performing delivery teams across the organization?
    • Does any vendor provide Agile transformation consultants to help your organization scale Agile?
    • How have you tailored your Agile transformation for personality types?
    • Do you cultural, process and organization structure undergo rapid Agile transformation at scale?
    • Is your organization in the middle of an Agile transformation from a top down mandate driven by leadership, or a bottom up movement starting with Agile teams?
    • Is the Agile transformation improving the pace at which your teams deliver software?
    • When your organization undergoes an Agile transformation what transforms?

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