Ready to use prioritized Application Performance Monitoring requirements, to:

Lead the design and maintenance of production-quality dashboards which monitor performance, identify potential issues before they cause a disruption, and measure against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure a reliable and exemplary (internal) customer digital experience; determine non-functional system requirements, as well as the reliability, scalability, interoperability, speed and effectiveness of an application; analyze system performance results, diagnose performance problems, and develop action plans based on performance testing results and performance monitoring data; ensure that performance and capacity of applications and infrastructure meet the performance requirements demanded by the business, working with project members including project managers, business analysts, developers, infrastructure teams, and testers. .


    • How does the performance management solution handle the security concerns you will have when monitoring performance from the cloud?
    • Can the apm solution monitor application performance within any end user environment?
    • Does the apm provide information about performance of scheduled scripts using multiple queues?
    • Why appdynamics end user monitoring should be on your radar to complete APM picture how are your customers really experiencing your applications right now?
    • What performance monitoring tools does your solution offer?
    • Does the apm solution have the capability to learn application behavior and alert you automatically when an issue starts to rise?
    • Does the apm solution have the ability to learn and filter out irrelevant data?
    • Does your organization have the right data to populate metrics in a performance dashboard?
    • How does the application support performance monitoring and management?
    • What tools does your team commonly use to find the root cause for app performance problems?

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