Ready to use prioritized Artificial Intelligence in Business requirements, to:

Evaluate and lead implementation of new digital automation tools and technologies with emerging platforms, including intelligent and cognitive automation to automate business processes that involve attended robotics process automation (human-in-the-loop), integration with natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning services, Chatbots, and text analytics on data extracted from semi-structured and unstructured documents. .


    • How do you ensure that the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is to the benefit of the individual and does not cause physical, psychological, social or financial harm to the individual?
    • What should your organization watch for as they adopt Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to streamline data privacy and compliance?
    • How is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning be used to predict an individual consumers immediate and near future information needs, interests, and activities in your organization?
    • On which part of your organizations value chain do you see the Artificial Intelligence use case you have developed will have the greatest impact?
    • Should your organization invest in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning now, or wait until advanced analytical approaches are more mature?
    • Which type of Artificial Intelligence do you decision makers think would make the most immediate improvement to business?
    • Are big data, cloud hosted data, cloud analytics, data science and Artificial Intelligence among current expectations of your business leaders and data consumers?
    • How do you apply Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and analytics to your compliance efforts?
    • Are you taking full advantage of available channels, digital capabilities, data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence tools to boost service sales?
    • Are there specific regulatory issues that the use of Artificial Intelligence tools in the context of your organization raises?

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