Ready to use prioritized Asset Management requirements, to:

Make headway so that your organization provides overall department technology and enterprise infrastructure asset management systems direction, coordination, and evaluation to ensure cost and benefit of all systems, software, programs, policies, and procedures; directs all efforts to design, specify, and implement all mainframe, microcomputer, and networking Information Systems (MIS) solutions to maximize department effectiveness; and coordinates short and long-term Asset Management projects, data capture, quality analysis and maintenance procedures, and equitable task distribution to all Asset Management resources. .


    • How does your organization ensure that pertinent asset management information is effectively communicated to and from employees and other stakeholders, including contracted service providers?
    • How does your organization ensure legal, regulatory, statutory, stakeholder and business requirements are considered when establishing and reviewing asset management objectives?
    • How does your organization ensure that risks to asset management activities associated with the management of change of organizational structures, roles or responsibility are managed?
    • How does your organization communicate its asset management objectives to relevant stakeholders, including service providers, who need to be aware of the objectives in order to meet obligations?
    • How does your organization ensure that risks to asset management activities associated with the introduction of new assets, asset systems, technology, contractors or suppliers are managed?
    • How have you leveraged data and analytics in your asset management plans to better target capital and maintenance budgets and ultimately improve reliability?
    • Where your organization has outsourced some of its asset management activities, what has it done to ensure that effective information and knowledge sharing activities are in place?
    • Have an asset management system that facilitates your organization to effectively monitor and maintain its assets, in order to provide the best possible service to its customers?
    • What has your organization done to define the scope of its asset management system to ensure that it is appropriate to its asset management activities?
    • Does IT management have an asset management regime in place to assess IT assets and schedule replacements?

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