Ready to use prioritized Automation requirements, to:

Develop the Automated Regression Pack and execute the pack using frontend and backend test scripts, automate the Test Data Management using Automation tools. .


    • Which technologies and tools does your organization use or plan to use to support your process automation strategy?
    • Where have you seen the biggest business impact in your organization from current process automation efforts?
    • Does the solution have real time integration with your ERP systems data and business rules or are there intermediate tables that must be populated in the automation solution?
    • Which metrics does your organization use to evaluate the success of its marketing automation efforts?
    • What is the more likely thing that the systems analyst will have to do with manual processes and manual data after the automation boundary has been determined?
    • How does your organization focus its efforts in process automation when technology choices easily outstrip resources?
    • Does the automation solution have inherent reporting functionality that respects the systems security mechanisms or will you be required to use third party reporting tools?
    • Should automation tools include the need for server infrastructure, will your organization provide the space and access for the infrastructure?
    • Has your organization deployed – or does it plan to deploy – technologies designed for security analytics and operations automation and orchestration?
    • What does your organization look like when it combines all of the automation elements you have considered?

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