Ready to use prioritized Business Continuity Risk Analysis and Testing requirements, to:

Work cross functionally with leadership and (internal) client teams to define and implement business impact assessments, coordinate and lead business continuity and disaster recovery tabletops and exercises, identify, and prioritize remediation, and track completion, partner with (internal) client team and functional leads to implement and maintain disaster recovery plans and metrics to ensure the security and integrity of (internal) client technology and data, and identify program improvements. .


    • Build your organization continuity plan if you have several business units with different goals, and IT has to support them all.
    • Ensure to link Business Continuity Planning with existing risk management in your organization.
    • Support your crisis management team with business continuity space(s) for employees that need to be in the office.
    • Use this data to make better, faster decisions about incident response and business continuity.
    • Make sure that your business continuity plans will actually work if called in to action.
    • Decide on the right storage management platform for your organizations business continuity plan.
    • Work with business continuity management and risk management.
    • Measure the performance of your Business Continuity Management program.
    • Leverage this information to improve risk management practices.
    • Embed risk management into existing business processes.

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