Ready to use prioritized Business Continuity requirements, to:

Work cross functionally with leadership and (internal) client teams to define and implement business impact assessments, coordinate and lead business continuity and disaster recovery tabletops and exercises, identify, and prioritize remediation, and track completion, partner with (internal) client team and functional leads to implement and maintain disaster recovery plans and metrics to ensure the security and integrity of (internal) client technology and data, and identify program improvements. .


    • Does your organization have a plan or framework for business continuity management or Disaster Recovery management?
    • Does your organization have a documented information technology business continuity and Disaster Recovery program for your business?
    • Do you have an established business continuity management framework in place, including a defined Business Continuity Plan, business impact analysis, business recovery plan and Disaster Recovery plan?
    • In the event of COVID 19 related disruption, does the supplier have documented plans for business unit continuity and/or information technology Disaster Recovery (IT DR)?
    • Are you consistently getting data off site, and do you have both business continuity and Disaster Recovery plans in the event they should be required?
    • Do you have a Disaster Recovery plan (DRP) and your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for all systems and business processes supporting customer data?
    • Does your organization ensure that business impact assessment, business continuity and Disaster Recovery plans are produced for all mission critical information, applications, systems and networks?
    • What business continuity and data recovery plans are in place to ensure that service can be maintained in the case of a disaster or an emergency?
    • Has your organization customized its business continuity and Disaster Recovery plans or is a generic plan in place?
    • How can a Disaster Recovery system ensure business continuity to the maximum and make zero service interruption and zero data loss available?

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