Ready to use prioritized Business Development requirements, to:

Check that your organization works with a peer in Business Development to ensure new work is scoped properly to your CX teams capability and ensures the team can execute the project timelines provided to new (internal) clients with anticipation. .


    • Do you work with your organizations economic development and use the data and analyses of job sectors and new business development strategies?
    • Does your organization have a standardized process for handling business development cases?
    • Does your organization have a capability for business development and strategic marketing that finds creative ways to reach clients?
    • Do you have in house organizational experts dedicated to business development and organization design?
    • What system(s) does your organization use to manage business development opportunities and pipeline?
    • How much does your organization plan to spend on business development as a proportion of total fee income over the coming year?
    • How you convey to staff members their role in marketing your organizations workforce or business development mission?
    • How does a Demand Creation business development organization look different from one of Demand Management?
    • Do you have a process to identify strategic business development opportunities with your top customers?
    • How have you build your organization development culture and motivated the professionals within your organization to participate in business development and marketing?

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